The Arizona Women's Leadership Forum invites you to apply to join our Mentoring (Plus) Program. We have instituted the Program to support women professionals during this Pandemic, when women professionals have limited access to our normal professional networks — mentors, sponsors, coaches and colleagues. Applications are currently being accepted -- see the Cohort information below.. Space in the Program is limited. Applications will be processed based on the time that they are received. There will be several cohorts available. If you haven't received information via email, feel free to contact us.


ATTORNEY COHORT. The Attorney Cohort has been developed for women attorneys at all levels (beginning, mid-level and senior professionals) and in all types of legal practice (large and small law firms, corporate legal departments, government, educational institutions, etc.). Reasons for joining might include (but are not limited to) advice on: reaching and succeeding at the next level (Partner, General Counsel, Firm Management, etc.); developing / perfecting a specific skill, e.g., client development; moving to a different type of practice or even considering a different profession. We are fortunate to have access to outstanding Mentors at all levels, including Law Firm Partners, Managing Partners, Corporate Counsel and General Counsel, members of the Judiciary, as well as non-Attorney Mentors/Senior Leaders, if desired.

NONPROFIT COHORT. The Nonprofit Cohort has been developed for women professionals at all levels (emerging, mid-level and senior professionals) and in all types of nonprofit organizations (charitable, civic, professional, social advocacy, etc.). The Cohort might also be helpful to professionals considering a move to the nonprofit sector. Reasons for joining might be similar to those of corporate executives, e.g., insights on leadership development and professional advancement, but might also include advice on specific issues such as fundraising, board development, program development, etc. We are fortunate to have access to outstanding Mentors at all levels of and from all types of nonprofit organizations, as well as Mentors from for-profit organizations, if desired.

The Corporate Cohort has been filled but we would be happy to put you on the list for a future cohort.


AWLF’s Mentoring (Plus) Program provides a unique opportunity for women in professional roles to gain access to the intellectual capital of accomplished senior leaders. It provides personally-matched 1-on-1 Mentoring, as well as Coaching and Networking opportunities. The Program has been developed to meet the specific needs of women at three different levels of seniority: Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Leaders and More Experienced Leaders.

The Program enables Mentees to gain insights and obtain real life, strategic advice from senior women outside of their organizations on topics relating to leadership development and professional advancement, including the ability to address challenges and perceived weaknesses and to chart their future career trajectory, all in a confidential environment. The Program also enables Mentees to expand their networks and form lasting professional relationships.


  • Personalized Mentor-Mentee Matching (Details below)
  • Six-Month+ Program
  • A Minimum of Six (6) 1-on-1 Mentor / Mentee In-Depth Conferences (8 – 12+ hours of conferences and informal follow-up anticipated in 6-month period)
  • A 1-on-1 Coaching Session on Topic of Specific Interest or to Help Develop Career Plan (Coach will be AWLF President or another Coach with particular expertise in the topic.)
  • One – Two Mentoring Circle Sessions Facilitated by a seasoned Coach and/or Mentor (Discussion / Networking Sessions for small groups of Mentees at the Same Level of Seniority)
  • Materials / Resource List for all Mentees and Mentors (to maximize Program effectiveness)


Each individual interested in becoming a Mentee will complete an Application Form which includes the Mentee’s reasons for participation. Upon receipt of the Form (assuming space remaining), we will schedule a 1-on-1 phone conversation with the President of AWLF to further discuss your background, your goals and objectives. We will use that information to match you with a Mentor best suited to your individual needs. For more experienced leaders, this 1-on-1 conversation will be even more in-depth in order to insure a suitable Mentor is available.

Our Mentors are seasoned leaders who have been involved in AWLF and have a sincere desire to give back to the next generations of women leaders. They have significant leadership experience, business and professional expertise and the ability and willingness to serve as a sounding board and openly share what they have learned. Titles of potential Mentor matches include President, CFO, COO, Partner, General Counsel, Senior VP, VP and Director.


The Mentoring Program has been developed to meet the needs of women at three different levels of seniority: Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Leaders and More Experienced leaders who wish to further their advancement, up to and including the C-Suite. We welcome women from the corporate, professional, nonprofit, education, government and other sectors; we have Mentors available from diverse professions and sectors.


Complete and return the Application Form. We will contact you to confirm enrollment (based on space/mentor availability). Payment of a Program Fee will be required at that time. We have kept the Program Fee very reasonable. The purpose of the Program Fee is to demonstrate your seriousness about and your commitment to the Program. The Fee is based on the level of seniority, as identifying Mentors, Coaches, etc. for senior leaders will be more intensive. Because every situation is different, particularly during the Pandemic, we are allowing flexibility in determining your Payment Level. See Page 2 of the Application Form for more details. Upon receipt of your Program Fee, we will contact you to arrange a 1-on-1 call.

(NOTES: 1. AWLF has prepared to deliver the Program virtually. Should the Pandemic situation allow, the format could change, based on the needs/desires of the Mentees, Mentors and Coaches. 2. Although we encourage Mentees to participate in all portions of the Program, a Mentee may decide to forego the Coaching portion and/or the Networking portion of the Program.)

Program Overview in PDF Format

General / Corporate Application Form

Attorney Application Form

Nonprofit Application Form